Women are givers, and work hard to care for those that they love.  It's in our nature.


I see you, my friend.  You identify as a mother, a wife, an employee, a daughter, and a friend.  You spend time each day making sure that your home is well-kept, that your children are prepared for school and their many activities, and that your husband is happy and cared for.  You have built a career and moved up the corporate ladder, or you pride yourself on handling all of your many responsibilities as a stay-at-home mother.  Most people would look at you and say that you have got it made.  Is that how you feel? 


When juggling it all, where do you fit in?

While it may appear to others that all is well with you, there are times when you feel as though something is just a little off.  You may not always feel as fulfilled or "lit up" as you could be, or as you think that you "should" be.  You are grateful beyond what words can express for your family, your home, your career.  But you just can't shake the feeling that there is MORE.  You move through every day... tumbling out of bed, following through with your many  responsibilities, handling all of your tasks, and falling back into bed exhausted at the end of the day.  Surely life at this stage of the game is supposed to feel amazing, fulfilled, joyful, and peaceful.  What could I be missing out on?  

What ARE you missing out on, my dear friend?Do you feel as though there is something else, something that you are meant to do?

It is time for you to discover who you TRULY are meant to be, and what that "something" is that is missing.  You are ready to embark on an amazing journey of self-discovery.  Maybe you don't know where to start...but that is where I come in!  

As a transformational coach for women who want to fill that empty space within their souls, I want to be your guide on this amazing journey.  Here are some of the things that we can work together on:

  • Take an inventory of your current life roles and how you feel about them.
  • Identify hopes and dreams that you have, and brainstorm to figure out how those things can fit into your life.
  • Create a journal with prompts provided that will allow you to dive deeper into your personal journey.
  • Implement strategies that will ensure you are fulfilling your needs for personal care, spirituality, leisure time, and growth towards fulfilling your purpose.  

It is my goal, my dream, and my life's purpose to help women like you to realize that they are so worthy, so amazing, and so capable.   Let's connect to talk more about your path on this journey of life!


Hello Love!

Want to know more?  I am Anita, and I am happy to share my story with you!

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