Women are givers, and care for those that they love.  It's in our nature.


However, it is really easy for a woman who has a spouse, children, a career, a home, and all of the responsibilities surrounding those things to lose sight of her own needs and desires.  Women are often missing out on important personal-care time, and don't spend time focusing on the things that they love and dream of.  

I have been there...and even deeper than that.  Years ago, I was a relationship addict.  I could not figure out how to fit into the world unless I was involved with a man.  The sad thing is, I generally did not truly pay attention to the quality of the man or the relationship; I just couldn't stand to be alone.  I went through painful break-ups, the stress of new relationships that my heart wasn't truly in, and low self-esteem because I didn't take the time to be still within my own soul.  

Through many years, I was hurting but tried to portray this image of someone who was "just fine".  Deep inside, I was screaming for peace, contentment, and achievement of my OWN dreams instead of everyone else's.  There came a point where I knew that something had to give, and I made the decision that I was worthy of so much more.  I left my marriage (which was an incredibly difficult choice), and began the incredible journey of self-discovery.  I found out what it meant to get quiet with myself, to love myself, and to reflect on my own true hopes and dreams.  I developed a yoga and meditation practice, began to explore clean eating and essential oils for health and wellness, and started to enjoy more time in nature and to play more with my kids.  I finally learned that I am NOT being  selfish when I take care of my personal needs.  In fact, when I follow a personal-care routine daily, it allows me to care for my loved ones and my responsibilities with a much more positive attitude, as well as with more focus and consistency.

It is my goal, my dream, and my life's purpose to help women like you to realize that they are so worthy, so amazing, and so capable.   What can I help you with today?


Hello Love!

Want to know more?  I am Anita, and I am happy to share my story with you!

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